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A&G Luxury Construction and Project Management


A&G are no nonsense Construction Managers, Founded on the principals of Honesty, Quality and Partnership with their clients.


We are a unique Construction & Estate Management company, striving to set new standards by delivering impeccable quality, with an uncompromising attention to detail.


Using only the most experienced and qualified management teams, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide a comprehensive Construction and Maintenance service that is meticulously tailored and exclusive to each of our clients needs.


Our mission is simple; to consistently deliver the highest quality construction, managed meticulously, allowing you to focus on you, your lifestyle, and your career.


A&G caters to an elite class of high-profile individuals, entertainers, and executives, from all over the globe.

12-0905 Ext-Entry Approach (Patch Plates-Dk).jpg
12-0803 Ext-Aerial (Garage Roof-1).jpg
12-0802 Ext-Stairs @ Garage.jpg
12-0802 Ext-Autocourt (View from Front Door).jpg
11-0610 Ext-SW Perspective (fillet).jpg
11-0610 Ext-Pool.jpg
1205A-3D-Massing-view north-14.05.06.jpg
11-0610 Ext-Pool Walkway Toward Pool.jpg
11-0610 Ext-Pool Cabana & Firepit.jpg
11-0610 Ext-Pool (View Toward Cabana).jpg
11-0610 Ext-Garden.jpg
11-0610 Ext-Garden Deck (View West).jpg
11-0610 Ext-Garden (View from Picnic Table).jpg
11-0520 Ext-View from Outdoor Lounge East-1.jpg
11-0520 ALQ-Ext-South Elevation-2.jpg
11-0520 ALQ-Ext-Garden Walk-1.jpg
11-0520 ALQ-Ext-Aerial Southwest-1.jpg
31512 Mar Vista bowery option2 view 4.jpg
31512 Mar Vista bowery option2 view 3.jpg
31512 Mar Vista bowery option2 view 2.jpg
31512 Mar Vista bowery option2 view 1.jpg
11-0502 Ext-Entry From Lawn-1.jpg
Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 1.56.43 PM.png
Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 1.56.32 PM.png
1205A-3D-Massing-view north-14.05.06.jpg
10.31.14 Belzberg Sketchup_Guest House Option_View 9.jpg
10.31.14 Belzberg Sketchup_Guest House Option_View 6.jpg
10.31.14 Belzberg Sketchup_Guest House Option_View 3.jpg
11-0610 Ext-SW Perspective (fillet).jpg




A&G Provide full service Project & Cost Management as the Client Represenative, third party to allow our clients to concentrate on their daily lives and businesses. The following are Key ways we provide value to our clients:


Scope Clarification - Whether dealing with a consultant or a contractor, the key is always to secure the most complete scope prior to entering the contract. A&G will develop a scope of work with the relevant party and clarify all critical items which need to be included up front, so these items are not Change Orders later and charged at a premium.


General Negotiations - A&G will undertake cost negotiations on behalf of the client in order to save money and ensure that the budget goals are met.


Constructibility Review - A&G perform Constructibility Reviews on the drawings to determine holes, missing details, and areas of concern which need to be addressed before commencing construction.


Value Engineering - A&G will perform a review of drawings, suggest alternate materials, substations or alternative ways to construct things in order to save Money


Change Order Negotiation - A&G will review and assess COs from both consultants & contractors and price the scope for comparison in order to agree costs at a reduced number, which is fair and reasonable.


Schedule Advancement - A&G will manage and push the project forward at an accelerated rate by holding the team to set dates, reviewing manpower onsite and driving the GC to perform. Similarly, A&G will manage and oversee the RFI, Submittals & Shop drawing process to ensure information is delivered in a timely manor so the contractor can build effectively.


Direct Procurement - A&G will investigate and delivery direct procurement opportunities to purchase materials outside of the GCs contract to save money and avoid mark-ups. Typically,  these are such things as lighting, plumbing fixtures, appliances, AV, IT, Cabinetry, and Stone.




A&G provide the following services as Construction Managers:



We believe that up-front planing is critical to the success of all projects. Pre-Construction cost-effectively minimizes delays and gives the construction team the means to complete projects on time and within budget. 



Once plans have been finalized through the pre construction phase and the permits have been obtained the construction process can begin. In an effort to streamline the construction process, we assign a project manager to each of our projects. 



Even as a project wraps up, A&G's commitment to client service and positive construction experience continues. A&G's work is warranted for one year after the completion of construction. 



15155 Califa St.

Van Nuys, CA 91411


Tel_   (323) 774-6227

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